RISD Glass

Visiting Lecture Program

Since its inception, RISD Glass has had a dynamic visiting lecture series in which an interdisciplinary mix of artists, curators, critics, scientists, craftsman, and others engage the department through lectures, special projects, discussions, and events. The experimental nature of RISD Glass flourishes through its long standing commitment to contemporary dialogue and research. In celebration of our 50th year, the Department has partnered with Denise Markonish, Curator from Mass MoCA and part time faculty in Glass, to publish a book that highlights a series of themes that have been of recurring interest to RISD Glass over the years. These themes are grounded in the concept of wonder — a slippery state, between knowing and not knowing, a state that includes awe, the marvelous, and the uncanny. This notion of wonder is at the very heart of RISD Glass and our lecture series.


Visiting Lecture Series, Fall 2017

Brittany Nelson

Jeffrey Beers

Denise Markonish  

Regine Basha  

Jeffrey Gibson  

Spencer Finch

Vincent Valdez

Sarah Oppenheimer  

Jen Bervin  

September 20th

September 27th

October 4th

October 11th

October 25th

Novemeber 8th

November 15th  (16th)

November 29th

December 6th

Past Visiting Lecturers, 2016-17

Spring 2017

Kambui Olujimi

Josh Fischer

Toots Zynsky

Rebecca Uchill

Pamela Smith 

Jeff Evenson

Stefanie Pender


Past Visiting Lecturers, 2015-16

Spring 2016

Fall 2015

Past Visiting Lecturers, 2014-15

Previous Semesters

Tavares Strachan

Judith Shaecter

Regine Basha

Sina Najafi

Peter Drobney

Kim Faler

Janet Biggs 

Jeff Talman

Sanford Biggers

Rashaad Newsome

Beth Lipman

Natalie Jeremijenko

Daniel Peltz



Allison Smith

Nina Katchadourian

Joe Davis 

Brian Conley

Judith Tannenbaum

Alison Rossiter

Eve Laramee

Jennifer Cohen

Harumi Yukutake

Diane Wright

Nari Ward 

Michael Joo

Chris Doyle

Dawn Clements 

Bohyun Yoon

Jane Philbrick 

Larissa Harris 

Spencer Finch

Gianni Toso

Dan Graham

Anne Gardiner 

Robert Williams 

Milon Townsend

Christine Borland

Michael Oatman

Bradley Pitts