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RISD Glass initiated Hotnights as a means of cultivating a greater understanding of glass and its significance to an array of disciplines. Through a series of hot shop demonstrations, projects, and workshops, Glass faculty and students partner with the larger community to research and experiment the intersection between glass and its ubiquitous presence in the world. Hotnights has led to significant developments combining emerging digital fabrication technologies with traditional glass processes, investigations of optical properties of glass and light, and has collaborated with student groups to assist in the fabrication of ambitious cross-disciplinary projects amongst others.


Upcoming Hotnights Events

7:00pm Metcalf Building, 4th Floor, Hot Shop

Spring 2017

March 1st

March 8th  

March 22nd

April 12th

April 19th

May 3rd   

May 10th     

Kambui Olujimi                                               

Fina Muñoz and Tahir Karmali                         

Cooper O’Brien and Liesl Schubel                  

Senior Thesis Workshop                              

What Fire Does    

Senior Thesis Workshop                          

Senior Thesis Workshop                            


Fall 2016

Niels Cosman: Glass Projectors

Alex Rosenberg: Glass Blowing Experiments

Niels Cosman: Glass Alchemy Workshop

Mark Dion: Artist Project

Dedo Von Kerssenbrock-Krosigk & Pamela Smith: Ruby Glass

Aaron Pexa: Experiments in Glass

Anna Riley: Decolorizing Glass

Brett Swenson: Experiments in Glass

In the Fall of 2014, Stefanie Pender presented History of Glass Technology: Demonstrations of Time and Place. The weekly Hot Nights programming demonstrated techniques, processes, forms, and styles significant in the evolution of glassmaking.  Collaborative experiments with digital fabrication classes and workshops also sometimes coalesced with traditional demonstrations to explore how traditional systems of making can intersect with new technologies. Subjects covered in the series included techniques from the Roman Empire, Medieval Europe, Venice and Renaissance Europe, China, and Islamic Glass, as well as Glass of Modernity, and Contemporary experiments in digital fabrication. 

Past Hotnights Events and Experiments: