Dan Clayman

Daniel Clayman (GL ‘?) is a Providence-based artist who utilizes glass casting to create minimal forms that explore the phenomena of light and space. During his presentation for RISD Glass he outlined the advancement of his work over the course of his career, and highlighted past projects including exhibitions at the Fuller Craft Museum, the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington, the Cohen Gallery at Brown University, as well as upcoming collaborative projects. 

Ben Wright

Ben Wright (GL ’09) is the current Director of Education at Urban Glass in New York City.  His work is often based in scientific research, focusing on ways humans relate both to animals and also to themselves.  His presentation for RISD Glass  highlighted recent work involving the dynamic evolutionary history of the Love Nut. 

Kathy Gray

Kathy Gray (GL ‘91) is currently a professor in the Art Department at California State University San Bernardino.  Gray creates work informed by the rich traditions of glassblowing, while engaging with contemporary applications of the material.  Following her lecture for RISD Glass, Gray worked in the Hot shop with students, demonstrating various glass blowing techniques she often employs in her work. 

Lee Mingwei

Lee Mingwei was born in Taiwan and currently lives and works in New York City.  He creates participatory installations around the globe, with which visitors are invited to explore issues of trust, intimacy, generosity, and temporality.  Following Mingwei’s public lecture hosted by RISD Glass, students visited Mingwei at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, where they witnessed his piece Sonic Blossom firsthand, and discussed their experience with the artist afterward.  They also visited his ongoing installation Living Room in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Gina Borromeo

Gina Borromeo is the Curator of Ancient Art at the RISD Museum. She gave a presentation to RISD Glass outlining the fascinating history of glass through the ages. She also co-presented a “glass forensics” project that she and Glass student Stella Zhong (GL 15’) collaborated on during Wintersession.  Gina worked with Stella to study pieces of ancient glass in the Museum’s collection, combining Stella’s technical knowledge of glassblowing with Gina’s historical expertise to better understand how these pieces may have been made.  Following the presentation, students worked with Gina in the Hot Shop to replicate various ancient glass forms in an effort to further investigate potential methods of production from the past. 

Julianne Swartz

Julianne Swartz is a New York-based artist who creates site-specific installations that engage visitors using sound, magnification, and optics. Using a mix of both high and low-tech materials such as PVC tubing, mirrors, and strategically placed speakers, Swartz creates situations that invite visitors to seek out and experience the work firsthand.  During her visit to RISD Glass, she worked with students in the Hot Shop to embed copper wiring into experimental glass and ceramic forms to create sound-transmitting devices. 

Bryan Wilson

Bryan McGovern Wilson (GL ‘09) is a multidisciplinary artist currently living and working in New York City.  He is interested in themes of the body, time, and alchemy.  As a visiting artist to RISD Glass, he presented past and current work, emphasizing the role material culture plays in artistic and social practice. His lecture centered ona performance at The Trinity Nuclear Test Site.  For the performance, Wilson dressed as Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer in search of Trinitite, a rare form of glass formed in the sand as a byproduct of nuclear weapons testing.  After his lecture, Wilson worked with a team of students in the Hot Shop, creating new glass elements to be included in future works. 

Denise Markonish

Denise Markonish has been a curator at The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art since 2007, where she has curated numerous shows including Oh, Canada, Nari Ward: Sub Mirage Lignum,  Inigo Manglano-Ovalle: Gravity is a force to be reckoned with, These Days: Elegies for Modern Times and Badlands: New Horizons in Landscape.  At RISD Glass, Markonish conducted studio visits with several students and discussed her most recent collaborative curatorial project with Sean Foley, Explode Everyday: an Inquiry into the Phenomenon of Wonder.