Janine Antoni

Janine Antoni (SC ‘89) is known internationally for performative and sculptural work that engages with the physicality of the body. During her visit to RISD Glass, Antoni presented an ongoing collaborative project to the department– an interdisciplinary performance with Anna Halprin and Stephen Petronio, to be debuted at The Fabric Workshop in the Spring of 2016. Once the department was familiarized with the project, students worked with Antoni and her team in the Hot shop to create both blown and cast forms for use in her upcoming performance.  

Demetrius Oliver

Demetrius Oliver is a New York-based artist, who uses everyday objects to create poetic associations between the physical and the metaphorical. After giving a presentation to RISD Glass on his recent work, Oliver joined students in the Hot Shop to collaborate on pieces for an upcoming exhibition at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Explode Everyday: An Inquiry into the Phenomena of Wonder. 

Jocelyne Prince

Jocelyne Prince is a conceptual artist who lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island, where she has served as an Associate Professor to the Glass Department since 2001. Her recent work combines pseudo-scientific methodology with personal identity, and material nothingness. Last fall, Prince led a demonstration with Alex Rosenberg at RISD Glass, in which they poured several ladles of hot glass through a metal screen down a four story stairwell, yielding a nest of countless glass “stringers.”


Lawrence Weschler

Lawrence Weschler is an internationally recognized author of literary non-fiction. He was a staff writer for The New Yorker for twenty years, and has authored numerous publications, including Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonder, and Everything that Rises: A Book of Convergences. He has taught at Princeton, Columbia, UCSC, Bard, Vassar and Sarah Lawrence, and is currently Distinguished writer in Residence at New York University, where he also directs the New York Institute for the Humanities. Weschler gave a public lecture titled: Towards a Taxonomy of Convergences.  

Jamie Carpenter

Jamie Carpenter (IL ‘72) studied Glass and Architecture at RISD and spent his time as a student creating experimental light-based work in the Hot Shop. He went on to apply his extensive material research in an architectural context and is now the head of the cross-disciplinary design firm, James Carpenter Design Associates Inc. in New York City. The firm has completed numerous projects around the globe, including the Israel Museum’s expansion in Jerusalem, the exterior lobby and envelope of the Seven World Trade Center Tower, and New York’s Fulton Street Center. In the fall of 2015, Carpenter co-taught a RISD Glass class with Stefanie Pender called Synthesis of Light, a multidisciplinary class that focused on light as material.

Alex Rosenberg

Alex Rosenberg (GL ‘06) is an artist and educator based in Philadelphia, where he heads the Glass Department at the University of the Arts. He received his Master of Science in Visual Studies from MIT. During his presentation to RISD Glass Rosenberg stressed the role that science, technology, and history plays in his research. Afterward, he conducted a demonstration in the Hot Shop, where he and a team of students blew delicate cellophane glass bubbles.