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Hotnights: Sean Salstrom

"Thoughts on the Studio

For me the studio is the heart of my art practice. The studio is not a singular entity. It could be a clean solitary space with white walls, a cramped desk in a shared room, a computer, the side of a mountain, the middle of a lake, an old barn, a notebook, a glass hot shop or any place I happen to be making or contemplating my work. The studio is a place for experimentation, collaboration, failure and development. It is a place where ideas are both coddled and destroyed. It is a place for sharing and a place for escaping. It is a sanctuary. It is dynamic in that it is constantly evolving.

On Glassblowing

What I appreciate most about blowing glass is that it forces me to coexist in the moment with the material."

Earlier Event: September 6
First Day of Fall Term